Saturday, January 30, 2016

Roof leaks can sometimes be difficult to find and locate the exact area of the problem. Water can travel in a wide range of areas in your home or building structure before showing any signs or dripping through the ceiling. Rain water can travel down beams, roof rafters, attic spaces, in-between walls or be absorbed by in insulation. Over a period this can cause a great deal of damage to produce a large area of black mold. Pinpointing the cause of the problem can be tedious and frustrating.
There are a few steps you take to locate the moisture intrusion. First climb in your attic space with the flashlight being careful not to step through the ceiling. Look for any abnormal stains or discoloration that would indicate signs of moisture. Check all your pipe collar boots if possible from the attic. Look for damp or discolored insulation. See if there are any rusted roofing nails coming through the plywood. Search your home for any stains on the walls or ceilings. Go on your roof and inspect for cracks or holes. Check all your flashing areas and valleys for installation flaws. If you feel soft or weak plywood in an area where you walk then this may be an area of concern. Look for nail pops or high nails. See if there are any lifted shingle tabs.

Caulk around all of your vents and pipe collars. Examine areas for damaged or missing shingles. See if there are any areas for improper installation or poor workmanship. Surf the web for any free information also read forums for other homeowners having the same issues. Connect with them to see how they resolved their roofing problem. If you have a complicated hard to find roof leak that you're not able to locate then you may have no other options but to call a restoration contractor with a thermo imaging device. They will you an expensive thermo scanner to locate all moisture intrusions in your home. This is very effective and it will resolve your issue 90% of the time. If all else fails you may just need to replace your roof. When an old roof is removed most of the time you will see water stains on the plywood on any roof leak areas. With a new roof you can be sure that your home will be protected. The contractor will provide you with an installation warranty along with material warranty information. Getting a new roof installed is the most full proof plan. It is the best investment you can make and it will shield out Mother Nature for many years to come.
Finding a roof leak can be a troublesome problem. Try to get some free advice from experienced roofing professionals in your area. Make sure that is someone that you are comfortable with and confident about to set your mind at ease. If you see signs of mold you may have to seek advice from a local mold remediation company. Mold can be one of the most dreadful unhealthy things to get into your home.
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